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Presentation of Fundación VICRILA Fundazioa and its corporate web

Presentation of Fundación VICRILA Fundazioa and its corporate web

In this web you will have all the information relative to Fundación VICRILA Fundazioa, which is a private and non-profit-making institution, which coordinates the benefit society of Vidriería y Cristalería de Lamiaco S.A.. (VICRILA) and it develops his commitment of Social Managerial Responsibility.

It´s principal aim is, to protect and put in value VICRILA's cultural and industrial heritage in his almost 125 years of history, by actions directed to the diffusion of his history and his managerial and industrial path, promoting in addition cultural, educational activities, of investigation, cooperation and patronage.

The principal areas of action are






A brief summary of the areas of action (the information completes you have it in the different paragraphs of the web) it is:

In the Cultural area, one of the biggest actions will be the putting in march of the Museum of the Glass VICRILA, whose principal aim will be to announce the important function that VICRILA has had throughout his more than hundred years of history in the economic, social and cultural development of Biscay, with an exhibition of videos, photos, documents, products and samples of his industrial heritage. It will also have guided visits to the factory, in order to know the process of production of Vicrila in live broadcast.

In the Education Area the principal aim will be to promote the formation related to the Glass and for it apart from the current collaborations for the scholars' practices, there will be studied the creation of a qualification of average or top degree of Vocational training specialized in the Glass in collaboration with other companies of the glass of the zone (Guardian, Vidrala, La Veneciana)

In the Cooperation Area, Fundación Vicrila Fundazioa, in collaboration with different NGO and alliances with friend companies, will participate in other projects as the installation of SOCIAL DINNING ROOMS for disadvantaged people, equiping them with Vicrila products (glasses,plates,...)

In the Investigation Area the aim is, promote, finance and Spreads the investigation and the Studies vinculated to the manufacture of glass, its technologies, products, services and applications.

In the patronage Area,, Fundación Vicrila Fundazioa, will realize collaboration and/or permanent sponsorship with institutions and/or cultural and sport associations with general interest, locals and provincials.

As you have seen many are the projects and much the illusion that we put in this gait, in which certainly we invite you to participate to make this Foundation, something that all of us feel proud.

Thank you very much and best regards

Joseba Jáuregui

Director of II.RR of Vicrila and Fundación Vicrila Fundazioa


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